Fees & Charges Information

India5000 is an acclaimed business Awards. The fees help to cover the costs with administration, Audit and processing the large number of entries received. Fees contribute to the major part of operational cost of the award audit and the jury rounds.

Category Nomination Certificate Audit Charges * Award Kit & Logo License Award Ceremony
India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2018 Free 10,000 Awards Kit And Logo License is chargeable, Visit our website store page for further details. Award Ceremony Fees will be accumulated on the basis of the city and its venue. To know the same, visit our website conference page and will be updated soon.
India 500 Most Promising IT Company Free 20,000
Fast Growing 500 CEO Awards 2018 Free 20,000
India 500 Quality Leader Awards 2018 Free 20,000
India 500 Most Promising Intellectual Property Leader 2018 Free 20,000

* For all payments, GST@ 18.00 % will be charged.
Onsite Assessment, Boarding, Lodging and Travel expenses of Assessment Staff will be charged at actual.

Refunded Policy:
If an application does not qualify for winner list, complete application fess will be refunded by our audit partner.
If applicant fails to support audit team by not providing required documents, refund will not be provided.

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