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India5000.com is research group, as a part of Benchmark Trust india5000.com focusing on knowledge extraction from the data of MSME, young entrepreneur to India’s best 5000 list as well as india5000 female award. When end user wish to get list of best MSME from one click on search space india5000.com will provide this solution. Business Holder of MSME as well as entrepreneur who believes in good quality output in their Management, services or in products they can get best platform because of india5000.com.
India5000.com is concept where you can get integration of India’s best 5000 MSME and Entrepreneur for young and other is for women. Till now you can get this type of research from press release, media or magazine release and also in web searching but India5000.com is for Micro, small and medium enterprise which are doing quality work in management or service or in product. They get platform for professional growth though they don’t believe in more revenue and also end user easily get this list!
If you are not clear about if your firm can comes under MSME or not than we help you to clear this. As per act if your enterprise engaged in production and your investment in plan or machinery not more than 25 lack its comes under micro enterprise, if its more than 25 lacks but less than 5 crore than its come under small enterprise, else if investment is more than 5 crore and less than 10 crores its comes under medium enterprise. If your enterprise engaged with service than investment is less than 10 lacks comes under micro enterprise. If investment is between 10 lack to 2 crore it consider as small when it between 2 crore to 5 crore it consider as medium enterprise.

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