About India5000

What is India5000

India5000.com is the research group is part of Benchmark Trust, which is creating a platform by doing research and recognition for 5000 best MSME in quality output, The answer is India5000.com!. Entire India5000.com will start once we get nominations from business holders, young entrepreneur as well as from a female for their achievements. After getting these details based on certain quality parameter India5000.com will list out best 5000 MSME

This type of best 5000 will be selected for quality of management, service or in products. Hence india5000 will provide a platform to business holders and entrepreneurs.

Why india5000.com?

What if medium, micro or small scale enterprise (MSME) also having quality in their work of production is in services or in Management? How they can do their professional growth? Where they get their listing as a best quality service or management or product? The Solution of this all is India5000.com. As India 5000 is doing Research and Recognition to provide a platform for India’s 5000 Best MSME.


Creating a platform for entrepreneur and organization


India5000 would like to serve entrepreneur and organization for their professional growth by research and recognition approach.

India5000 Business & Individual Nominations Have Started!

You may fill up our nomination form at earliest to get awarded.